Release note Weviz Studio V0.9.0


  1. Path tracing visualization (real raytracing)

New physically accurate lighting system giving hyper-realistic results for still images in a couple of seconds.

2. Video export

Users can now export entirety or selection of slides as videos (resolutions 480p to 4K)

3. New material adjustment system (triplanar)

Addition of a new triplanar material application system, allowing manipulation of separate surfaces.

4. New installer

Users can now install Weviz with a simple .exe file. Software is now in conformity with Microsoft security center rules.

5. “Interior light boost” slider (raytracing light for interiors scenes)

“Interior light boost” slider added in camera settings panel gives the opportunity for users to increase interior lighting & prevent dark scenes with ray-tracing enabled.


  • Color picker now has numeric values
  • Ability to duplicate objects with a simple shortcut (hold “ALT” while dragging gizmo) parents and children can be duplicated while hierarchy is closed
  • User can now edit Substance material directly on 3D part
  • Add an option to toggle V-SYNC




  • A “duplicate” button has been added on the 3D context menu (Parent selection)
  • Weviz can now detect user RTX capabilities
  • On a 3d part, there is now an option to “double side” or flip a part
  • Rotating with gizmo can now be undone

Fixed bugs:

  • Users couldn’t select duplicate object in environment
  • Ctrl-Z had no effect when entering transformation values with the keyboard
  • In some cases, depth of field was not working at all


Fixed bugs:

  • Current HDR sometime was corrupted (in memory)
  • Most HDRs were very large even at minimum value
  • Selecting default HDR sometime leaded to crash



  • Hidden items are now updated inside the hierarchy when changing slides
  • Warning users of parent deletion (while hierarchy is off) that this action can’t be undone
  • Parents and constrained parts are now fully outlined when selected

Fixed bugs:

  • Moving added/duplicate object (without using hierarchy menu) could lead to displacement after reload
  • Sometime parent pivot was misplaced when hierarchy was off



  • For heavy textures on 3D files, import can be canceled
  • Update native importers to latests versions to ensure full compatibility

Fixed bugs:

  • Importing GLB Files could lead to crash
  • Importing specific FBX Files could lead to crash



  • Improved design for license activation screen

Fixed bugs:

  • Activation failed while trial period was still active
  • Canceling license activation could lead to crashes



  • Duplicating light props now duplicates their parameters

Fixed bugs:

  • Hidden light was sometime still displayed 
  • CTRL+Z didn’t undo applied light modifications
  • Mesh of props were sometime hidden
  • RTX & Path Tracing were unstable

General optimization

Fixed bugs:

  • Some project could not be saved
  • Save progress message could be delayed
  • Fixed various problems with “Scale”
  • Sometimes loading a WVP led to endless loading & crashes
  • While going back from background task, outline were wrong (and blocked)


  • Improved opening time of the software.
  • Assigning material to a selection with hierarchy is now faster

Material Editor


  • “Use UV model” is now greyed out if no UV exist in model
  • Implementation of a new “color picker”
  • Max texture rotation value is now 360°
  • Global view is now static while using mouse wheel

Fixed bugs:

  • Generating bump map could undo all previous modifications on texture
  • Sometime after saving, a new ball was created in the material library instead of replacing the current one
  • Wrong material was edited when using “duplicate”
  • Fixed bump map invert problem.
  • Fixed material lost and changed while editing a 3d part
  • Negative scale value didn’t properly flip the texture around (auto UV)
  • Fixed glitches on new materials


Fixed bugs:

  • Scaling with locked proportion now works fine
  • Substance material rotation is now clamped to 0-360 range (was 0-10)
  • The outline sometime was missing when hierarchy was off
  • undoing material edits now undoes last changes
  • While using undo function, contextual material ball is now updated


  • Improved material application speed



  • Ground positions are now saved in slides

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed bug on annotations added on slides
  • Fixed title glitches
  • Fixed HDR transition glitches
  • Fixed transitions glitches while using playback feature
  • It was not possible to delete a title.
  • Position on slide while going from windowed to fullscreen is now fixed



  • While duplicating an object, associated stickers are now duplicated



  • Display pre-set selector in material editor
  • Substance Materials can now be edited directly on the 3D model
  • Can now enter numeric value on slider

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed bug with default parameters in substance
  • Height position is now saved
  • Importing and changing a substance now creates a duplicate


  • Icons are now perfectly circled
  • Import & saving speed optimization



  • Set back material edition in VR
  • FPS counter is now working (press F key)

Fixed bugs:

  • Pressing “R” to reset position could cause issues 
  • Sometime camera tool could display a hidden HTC headset on the floor
  • Console now keep same orientation while changing slide
  • Snapping to ground doesn’t happen on constrained parts
  • “VR Mode” icon is now hidden
  • Fixed a bug showing VIVE controller on screen while using an Oculus Quest 2
  • Measure tool in right hand was mirrored
  • Right keyboard key while in VR could lead to crash


  • VR now start at medium quality (not low)


Network mode is still in work in progress. Today “Review” is running fine, with a limitation on complexity of imported objects (1000 parts).

What is yet to be done:

  • Modifications are not shared with other users (Materials, HDR, hierarchy, import changes).
  •  Handling more complex scenes (>1000 parts)

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