Dive into realism!

Thanks to Weviz Studio, turn your Rhino file into an hyper realistic scene that can be reviewed and moved in real-time!

The most advanced review software is finally on the market ! Bring your Rhino projects to life in just a few clicks. Join the community of designers who showcase their 3D projects on Weviz.

Dive into realism

What is Weviz for Rhino Rendering for ?

Make design choices between your Rhino renderings

Design choices

Import all your Rhino design versions, add realistic materials and compare them thanks to the most realistic real-time renderer ever built

Learn more about
real-time rendering >

VR Validation

Thanks to the virtual reality mode, Rhino 3D modelers can validate at scale 1:1 their 3D models with their teams

Learn more about
scale 1:1 validation >

Rhino renders for marketing & sales presentations

Marketing & Sales presentation

Animation real-time – Present your design versions to your clients and discuss adjustments before starting to build the product

3D review

Thanks to the new review mode, create live reviews. Add postits, comments, titles and measures to your 3D reviews!

Watch Weviz tutorials to see how easily you will get onboard!

Get started with Rhino

Watch Weviz tutorials to see how easily you will get onboard!

Key features

Step 1 Import Weviz Pro

Easy import

Easily import your 3D models from Rhino and dozens of CAD softwares


Add HDR environments to your 3D rhino renders in a few clics

Add PBR materials to Rhino 3D objects


Give a realistic look to your Rhino renders by drag & dropping PBR materials

Postit to use on Weviz for Rhino renderings


During design reviews, you can add postit comments to share

Postit feature >

Join and edit 3D projects

Design versioning

Showcase in real-time different combos of materials  to find the best version for your project

Design versioning feature >

Multi-user mode


Create collaborative design reviews with partners all around the world

Multi-user mode >

Shoot 3D videos of Rhino renders for marketing presentations


Photorealistic pictures and 3D product videos instantaneously

Shooting tutorial >

VR Feature for Weviz


At scale 1:1 thanks to VR, also on your screen during design reviews, alone or with your team

Presenter mode feature >

They use Rhino & Weviz!

Témoignage de Thomas Félix

Project review with clients

"Validate our 3D products has never been so fast and simple. We see the results instantaneously and we win a lot of time! "

Thomas Félix - Felix & associate

Colors & material edition

"We need to try a lot of different sets of colors and materials for our designs to find the best one. On Weviz, we are able to create infinite design versions!"

Thomas Félix - Felix & associate
Témoignage de Thomas Félix

Prototypes savings

"Since we use Weviz, we reduced our prototyping expenses as we are now able to create realistic prototypes directly on the software & review it with our partners & customers"

Thomas Félix - Felix & associate

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