They use Weviz Everyday!

VR impact on plants conception

"Weviz gave us the opportunity to visualize realistically our new building and to find all of our previous conception mistakess"

Use real-time technology to review 3D projects with your team!

Image review designs in virtual reality in multiuser

Validate at scale 1:1

Save time and prototyping costs by validating your engineering projects in Virtual Reality. It is fast and easy to use by all the team.

Image interact with your 3D model

Interact with your 3D model

You can add constraints or read any animations that you have created in your CAD software

Image multi-user mode Weviz for lines of production

Collaborate in multi-site

Interact with your clients thanks to multi-user mode to review in VR your 3D projects

Are you wondering if Weviz is compatible with your process?

From CAD to 3D project review in a few seconds!

Step 1 Import Weviz Pro


Your 3D files from your CAD software. Weviz is compatible with most CAD software on the market!

Join and edit 3D projects


Your objects: add materials, environments, constraints to make the experience more real

VR Feature for Weviz


At scale 1:1 thanks to VR or on your screen in design revues, alone or with your team

Multi-user mode


With your clients with the multi-user mode to review in VR your 3D projects

Step 3 Review Weviz Pro

Scale 1:1 validation

Virtual Reality gives you the opportunity to see at real scale your 3D projects as if they were real.

Moreover you will be able to avoid mistakes that could cost you time and money by switching now for our VR solution!

” Weviz is so simple that anyone can use it in our plant. We now have precious feedback from our workers to enhance conception process. “

Guillaume D. - L'Oréal


Create a multi-user meeting in VR to work with your clients or partners wherever they are. You will save time and money by setting distant validation meetings instead of organising time-consuming business trips!

"We sent Weviz licences to our strategic client to validate our projects on the fly. We have saved huge time in development!"

Marc R. - Gaudin

Accessible to anyone in the team!

Validating process involves people with different backgrounds. In constrast most of the softwares on the market are made by 3D experts for 3D experts. Weviz has a unique positionning : providing a simple and realistic software that could be used by anyone in the team.

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"Weviz is the only software that can be used by our design office, our project managers, our workers and our clients. For the first time, we get instant feedback by all the people involved " 

JP Ribes - Rousselet


discover weviz studio
  • Import & prepare your 3D files
  • Material library & edition
  • 2D/3D environment library & edition
  • Stickers edition
  • Design versions mode
  • Picture shooting
  • Add constraints read animations
  • Polygon optimization
  • VR mode compatibility
  • Create & edit slides
Image of a 3D render of an engine

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