Add virtual reality to Weviz Studio or Weviz Review

Dive into scale 1:1 virtual prototyping

Connect your compatible headset on your VR ready computer and launch Weviz + VR version.

Key features

Single or multi-user mode

Smart Navigation

Use teleportation tool to go anywhere!
Thanks to “elevator mode”, take height and visit all the stages of your model.

Dive into your Slides

You or one of your team member has prepared a Weviz Slide presentation? ClicK on the VR button and see your project slide by slide!

Multi-user-mode Weviz softwares

Multi-user mode

Invite your team in VR around your 3D project to check design, ergonomics, proportions & conception!

Take measures shots and manipulate!

Use VR Tools as measure tool, camera to take instant shots from VR and manipulate all the 3D assets Simply by grabbing them!

Take measures shots and manipulate

Hardware requirement

In order to get the best VR experience, you need to use a VR ready GPU! Follow the link below to see our hardware recommendations.

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