Use Virtual reality for scale 1:1 validation

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Dive into scale 1:1 virtual prototyping

Real-time review

Save time & costs

For years, rapid prototyping has been the only way to validate shapes, engineering and ergonomics before going into production. Thanks to VR, prototyping becomes free and immediate!

Simple & powerful

Validate early stage

No need to wait for a final version of your 3D project to create its prototype. As soon as you need to take decisions, drag & drop your 3D file into the headset and check your design.

Avoid business trips

Create a multi-user meeting in VR to work with your clients or partners wherever they are. You will save time and money by setting distant validation meetings instead of organising time-consuming business trips!

Key features

Single or multi-user mode

Smart Navigation

Use teleportation tool to go anywhere!
Thanks to “elevator mode”, take height and visit all the stages of your model.

HDR/Material changes

You have access to your favorite materials in VR thanks to our 3D model material configuration table. You also can change HDR environments on the fly!

Realistic materials - Weviz Studio

Multi-user mode

Invite your team in VR to review your 3D projects to check design, ergonomics, proportions & conception!

Take measures shots and manipulate!

Use VR Tools as measure tool, camera to take instant shots from VR and manipulate all the 3D assets Simply by grabbing them!

Take measures shots and manipulate


Weviz for furnitures and booths

"Weviz gave us the opportunity to visualize realistically our new building and find all of our previous conception mistakess"

Add WEVIZVR option to your STUDIO or REVIEW licence!


Import your 3D files and create

3D presentations and reviews

Weviz Studio Software


Review your 3D project

 with your team and your clients

Weviz Review Software

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