Release note Weviz Studio V0.8.0

This list gives you an overview of the new features, major & minor bug fixes made between Weviz Studio V0.7.1 and the incoming new Weviz Studio V0.8.0


Network “Presenter Mode”

On Weviz Studio, you will now be able to invite & present your 3D projects to your colleague in real-time with your own set of camera settings & animations. Within a few clics you will be able to pitch efficiently & do wonderful 3d design reviews remotely with your colleagues & partners.

Weviz Studio V0.8.0 screenshot

Other exciting features added in V0.8.0

  • HDR in library can now be edited + Drag & drop on your scenes

  • Increased stability of network capabilities

  • Add “delete” options on projects and other resources

  • Sliders can now have their bounds changed

  • Many UNDO commands added

  • Slide system is now managed on the left side of screen

  • Slide titles can now be manipulated with handles

  • Stickers, add roughness on them


  • Constraints: Many fixes

  • Crash fix when using “HIDE” & “CONTAINER” in the hierarchy.

  • Performance’s increase.

  • Better management of inputs when FPS are lower

  • Material editor fixes

  • Sketchup file are now better managed (mirrored faces fixed)

  • Fix lot of problems with save/load system

  • Fix “Reset” (Key “R”)

  • Crash fix: “out of video memory” problem fixed


  • Better management of “ESC” key (exit tool, then exit software)

  • Rocks are better looking


The software is still a Beta version. Here are the current limitations (that will be removed in the next versions)

  • Import: max file size around 500MB.

  • Display: max 10 000 different parts

  • Network: 10 persons max.

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