Release note Weviz Studio V0.7.1

This list gives you an overview of the new features, major & bug fixes made between Weviz Studio released on June 4th 2021 (V0.7.0) and the incoming new Weviz Studio: (V0.7.1)


  • Network: First version of collaborative sessions. All users need to connect with same WVP. Inside meetings, changes on slides will be shared as well as measures. VR and non VR will be there at same time (possible to switch instantly). Post-its and changes on model are not shared yet.

  • New tutorials (Review, Camera, Look at, rotate light)

  • VR: Keys left/right to change slide (to plan a visit).

  • VR: You will now see post-its and title.

  • LITE Version for REVIEW: First running of “Review” for low-end PC.

Computer with 3D product video made on Weviz


  • Better management of click and double click for 4K users or slow FPS.

  • Better management of “neutral slide”.

  • VR: The option “disable grab” for children is not working.

  • Slides: When changing window size (or screen), the post-it position was chaning (should not).

  • Material editor: Can not edit material.

  • Material editor: After few operations, not possible to assign material anymore.

  • Material editor : Preview mode is blocked, material is applied always (hierarchy is open).

  • Crash Fix : Slides: Hierarchy manipulation.

  • Crash Fix : Slides: After applying post-its.

  • Crash Fix : Slides: Error after saving and closing hierarchy &  choosing some slides.

  • Crash Fix : Stickers: autogenerate texture.


– Older WVP are not compatible anymore. You’ll have to re-import your models.
– Depth of field feature is not working well and can create some outline bugs.
– Network feature is still experimental. It can be used to create a meeting and share an initial 3D model. All meeting actions are not yet shared.


  • Import: found invisible rotation button on scaling screen.

  • Material editor: Light material, first category should be opened

  • Material editor : When editing on 3d part, pan camera is not working first (it is rotating)

  • Material editor: Often all opened categories are closed.

  • Material editor: Current material badly updated

  • Material editor: Button “Randomize” is not very good looking

  • Material editor:  When having the texture editor, we can not scroll with mouse wheel.

  • Material editor: HDR is not strong enough. (missing the rectangular light we had before)

  • Material editor: Change of visual aspect of material when editing it

  • Material editor: Pan function doing rotation instead of panning (editing 3d part)

  • Material editor: Middle mouse boutton (debug) is still recomputing material icon.

  • Material editor: Hide/Isolate action in object contextual menu or slide tools may disable object contextual action.

  • Material editor: Implement new edition panel

  • Material editor: Hide/Isolate action in object contextual menu or slide tools may disable object contextual action.

  • Material editor: Check Water parent.

  • Material shader: Test matrix on local skin coord to adjust auto uv mat.

  • Material edition: hides bottom menu bar.

  • Interface: Color picker is not spawn totally in screen.

  • Interface: Parent are not always outlined.

  • Interface: Click anywhere on a category should open it.

  • Interface: On/off button in category bar should open it when turned on.

  • Interface: Select parent should not occur when user is doing an operation.

  • Profiles: If no profile are selected, valid button should be greyed.

  • Profiles: If no icon picture is choosen, then a default icon should be displayed (not blank icon)

  • Profiles: Image are streched (management of non square pic).

  • Network: Profile names are empty when in VR.

  • Network: Some people can view the profil name of people in VR and some people can not.

  • Network: Problem in displaying user icons.

  • Network: Finish loading screens.

  • Network: Big WVP can bot be used in network session.

  • Network: Do better loading screen.

  • Network: Study the usage scenarios and define a first global technical schema.

  • Network: Slide camera is shaking (orbit).

  • Network: Client view is broken when exiting VR.

  • Stickers: When saving, missing the name for “Add category”.

  • Crash when exiting software.

  • Camera: The screenshot part is not correct design.

  • Camera: Reset is not working.

  • Camera: Bloom start at zero.

  • Camera: The screenshot part is not correct design.

  • Camera: Object rotate should use SHIFT (for keys T and Y).

  • Camera: Motion up/down need to be reset.

  • HDR: The “save to library” should be on right.

  • HDR & Slide: The initial HDR is not in same orientation that first created slide

  • HDR Ground: When manually deleted, HDR sphere should be updated.

  • Light: When camera is too close to ground, light are exactly dragged on ground (should be higher).

  • Light: Cancelling edition reset the value to default, should reset to value when edition started.

  • Light: First drop may be bugged (light is stuck on center of scene).

  • Installer: Velo object is not correct with slides (bad positions). Need a new demo object.

  • Installer: Start DPI is not correct (too much zoomed in “Create your profile”.

  • Hierarchy: Wrong icon (+) instead of (-).

  • Hierarchy: Reload Wvp lead to bad positions.

  • Hierarchy: Texts are cropped, even when enlarge the panel.

  • Hierarchy: crash when closing hierarchy if main root is empty.

  • Hierarchy: defined Constraints can not be grabbed.

  • Constraints: Using a gizmo on a part with constraint, the Gizmo should be prioritary.

  • Constraints: While trying to assign new constraint, previous is grabbed.

  • Constraints: gizmo is obscured by object if RTX is on.

  • Constraints: Right mouse button seem to activation constraint motion.

  • Parents: (Review, Shoot, Env), use should be able to select and manage the PARENTS (not the children).

  • Title: Mousehovering a title, it become grey.

  • Slides: When changing slides, the selection should be removed.

  • Slides: Hide selecting the whole parent.

  • Slides: Neutral slide is not marked as “changed” when hiding parts.

  • Slides: Add new object, should mark the current slide neutral as changed.

  • Slides: When gizmo and numeric panel is open, it is not disappearing if I change slide.

  • Slides: Cancel should restore initial state.

  • Slides: Copy model state should also copy stickers.

  • Slides: Using annotation tool, also select stickers – Stickers select mangement.

  • Slides: When using a tool, it should be canceled if changing screen.

  • Slides: Duplicate remorque and then mess with materials (and then crash).

  • Slides: Bug C : When adding a camera translation the camera transition is not correct.

  • Slides: Camera post process are not saved.

  • Slides & HDR : Size of environement is not saved.

  • Slides: Cancelling a slide edit, should disable all annotations.

  • Slides: Naming should increment always.

  • Slides: Display(FadeIn) is quicker than fade off (should not).

  • Slides: Get point of view, should get point of view, not hdr.

  • Slides: Neutral slide badly tagged as “changed”.

  • Slides: Same view, transition.

  • Slides: If the user modify something on the object or env and he has a slide selected, active the edit mode

  • VR: Tools “measure” and “camera” should be usable

  • VR: Slide Neutral badly managed

  • VR: The slide icons are badlly oriented (for the last ones)

  • VR: When exiting VR, view (or slide) should be the same as before entering.

  • Studio: If loaded project have slide, start on “Review” panel.

  • Lite: Create version from current base and write doc about how to do it.

  • Review: Clicking on Review icon a second time should hide slides.

  • Reload WVP : The neutral slide is not the state I left (ground is not there).

  • Tutorials : weird path when opening/closing the popup.

  • Hide/show: Some inconsistancy between hide in mat editor and show in slides.

  • Persistant outline after adding props.

  • Reload WVP. Props are not at the same position or orientation.

  • All screens: a sphere is present in the scene.

  • RTX: With small object RTX have lot of bug under certain distance.

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