Release note Weviz Studio V0.8.1


  1. Saving process fixed

Fixed a bug preventing files to be correctly saved (Corrupted).

2. Correction of licenses activation issue

Improvement of the licenses’ activation process. The need for manual activation will be reduced.

3. Global performance & stability improvement

The overall performance and stability of the software are improved. (Memory usage optimisation, FPS…). Import and software opening time are significantly improved

4. Lights manager fixed and improved

A smart scale deformer has been added to the props to keep the mesh natural. 

Featured image release note Weviz Studio V0.8.1


  • “Look at” function is now working on constrained parts.
  • Correction of a bug causing a fatal error when duplicating independent child in the hierarchy.

  • Drive selection option for installation
  • Set roughness for all materials function added
  • Lights’ colors are now saved.

  • Reduce the impact of using several HDRs on FPS.

  • Fixed a bug preventing users to see the profile of people commenting during network sessions.

  • Improved reflection on RTX mode.

  • HDR: Correction of minimum scale bug.

  • Slides:  Better video memory management.

  • Slides: Fixed many crashes.

  • Better import quality for surface formats (all native, wire and 3dm)


The software is still a Beta version. Here are the current limitations (that will be removed in the next versions)

  • Import: max file size around 500MB.

  • Display: max 10 000 different parts

  • Network: 10 persons max.

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