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RTX Comparison - Weviz

RTX is a technology developed by graphics card maker Nvidia, based on technologies that uses the laws of physics, but in reverse. It allows to obtain very realistic images. This technology is called Raytracing.

How does it work ?

Each pixel of the image that we want to calculate will beam a ray towards the scene and see if it hits an object. Then this ray will make rebounds, based on the optical properties of this object (colour, roughness, smoothness, shinyness, transparence, etc.) until it reaches a source of light. You can set the maximum number of bounces that you want to calculate: if beyond these bounces the ray does not meet a light source, the pixel will be black.

RTX : Raytracing Technology

This method therefore reproduces the laws of physics, but in the opposite way since in nature, everything starts from light (emission of photons), bounces and then reaches our retina (image).

How is this useful in Weviz?

Raytracing brings a much greater level of realism and this has a huge impact on the understanding of objects in space. Weviz is a project review software, so it is essential that the users fully understand the 3D object in front of them in order to create the design. At Weviz, we focus on realism, in order for all employees, including non-3D experts, to project themselves when they see their 3D projects on a screen and bring their business expertise.

How to take advantage of RTX in Weviz?

In order to get realistic rendering while having a smooth experience, we recommend using Nvidia RTX graphics cards. Whether they are professional cards (Quadro) or gaming cards (Geforces), they will allow you to improve the understanding of your projects to all of your employees.

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  • Very interesting and impressive technology. Our customers maybe don’t know they need this but they do.

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