How to set up my Oculus headset for Weviz

How to set up my oculus for Weviz softwares

Weviz is compatible with major VR manufacturers headsets. Follow our guide to set up your Oculus headset for Weviz softwares.

1- You need to install the official oculus app on your PC (Oculus Link) : Setup Your Oculus: Quest, Quest 2, Link, Rift S & Rift | Oculus.

2- The Oculus app needs to be open before launching Weviz.

3- Plug your Headset to your PC via an USB cable: Oculus Quest Accessories & Parts | Oculus (the official cable is great but any USB 3 type c cable should be enough).

4- Enable Oculus link in headset (from proposed pop-up or from settings).

Enable Oculus link in headset

5- Launch Weviz (it will be recognised as SteamVR headset)

Launch Steam VR

6- Enjoy Weviz on your Oculus device

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