Weviz Pro

VR Collaboration software


  • VR navigation
  • Multi-user session meetings
  • Multi-format import
  • Material library
  • Material edition
  • Environment 2D/3D library
  • Environment edition
  • Sliders edition
  • Design versions
  • Tree-view
  • Picture shoot
  • Camera settings
  • Slide / rotation constraints
  • Polygon optimization
Collaborative 3D project validation

Collaborative 3D project validation

VR: Validate at
scale 1:1

Virtual Reality gives you the opportunity to see at real scale your 3D projects as if they were real. Moreover you will be able to avoid mistakes that could cost you time and money by switching now for our VR solution!


CAD softwares have changed the way products & equipments are designed. They enhanced the conception workflow so that micro details of engineering are perfectly handled. Nevertheless, human size problem are more than ever present as true scale is left asside during the hole process. Thanks to Virtual Reality, get the human beeing at the center of your process and avoid the most costy mistakes!

Collaborate in distant meetings

On Weviz Pro, you can create multi-user meetings on VR to collaborate with all of your partners across the world !

Create meetings in a few clicks in order to easily interact with all the partners involved in your projects, wherever they are and in real time!

Marc R - Gaudin - Customer Weviz

"We sent Weviz licences to our strategic client to validate our projects on the fly. We have saved huge time in development!"

Marc R. - Gaudin
Weviz Pro also contains all
the Weviz studio features
Step 1 Import Weviz Pro


directly from your CAD  software

Step 2 Edit Weviz Pro


your model by adding realistic materials, stickers and environments

Step 3 Review Weviz Pro


your 3D objects as if they were real at scale 1:1

VR Feature for Weviz


with your colleagues everywhere on the planet!

They talk about
Weviz studio

How we use Weviz Pro in our agency

” Weviz realism helps our team to visualize immediatly our 3D files as if they were real “

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