Material editor - Drag & Drop

Direct selection and drag and drop of material on 3D model



HDR Environment Editor

Define the perfect environment for your object.

Multi-user (Pro Version only)

Allows multiple users to interact in VR in the same 3D environment (PRO version only)



Camera & Measure Tools

Take pictures of the project parts from all angles. Measure the real distance between two points.

Multibody objects

Import multiple and decide which is parent and which are childrens (PRO version only)

External 3D environment

Loft, Warehouse, SeaLevel, CarStage (Download them here)




Material editor: Rotation of textures now keeps scale ratio.

Material editor: 3D part-parsing is now faster (parts highlighting has been optimized)

Material editor: «rename» option now available on library balls

Material editor: Materials are now ordered in creation date and can be reordered with simple drag and drop.

HDR files used to be multiple files and are now compressed into a single «.hdr» file


VR Tools: Grip button takes to last used tool

Material Editor: Fixed problem with default material’s texture and UV

Capture tool: The screenshot’s brightness has been adjusted

Edition table, the model now rotates along with the table (in VR mode)

Material Editor: When duplicating a material, the copy is saved next to the source