The mission of WEVIZ® is to make virtual reality (VR) accessible to all departments as a powerful validation tool. With our solution, industry professionals (designers, engineers, marketing & sales, management) can visualize and validate 3D projects at scale 1, in a hyper-realistic and autonomous manner, without the support of a VR expert.

Our latest software release, WEVIZ® Studio Pro adds collaboration to the mix, with the new multi-user feature.

That means that you now get to be several users to meet in the same 3D environment, to interact with each other and validate a common project even quicker than before.

And there’s more! Other major new features include:

  • Multibody object: you can now import multiple files onto the same 3D project. Simply choose which is parent object and which are children objects
  • Measure tool: a quick and easy way to know the exact “real” distance between two points while in VR
  • Camera tool: more precise than the screenshot tool, use the VR controller to capture the right photo.

Interested in trying those new features for yourself? Download our free demo and let us know what you think! We look forward to your feedback.